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Infra/node decommissioning

Infra/node decommissioning

High overview

This is an overview of the needed tasks to perform when we want to remove a node from our infra :

  • Delete/reinstall the (virtual) machine (cleaning up)
  • Remove from DNS (public or internal, depending on the case and don't forget to also remove from PowerDNS if record is delegated to that dns infra, see below)
  • Remove it from Ansible inventory (and search for references for that node in case of)
  • Remove it from Zabbix monitoring
  • (optional and if sponsored : remove sponsor logo from website git repo )

Worth knowing that if node is used in one of the [mirror,,vault,debuginfo] roles, it needs to be also removed from the sqlite DB used to generate the dynamic powerdns setup.

pushd /var/lib/centos-infra/
echo "delete from nodes where fqdn='${host}';" | sqlite3 nodes.db