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Creating etcd backup

Create etcd backup

This SOP should be followed in the following scenarios:

  • When the need exists to create an etcd backup.
  • When shutting a cluster down gracefully.
  1. Connect to the admin node for either staging or production. See the inventory ocp for produduction, ocp-stg for staging. The hostname is in the group ocp-ci-management or ocp-stg-ci-management.
ssh <admin-node>
  1. Become the ocp administrator user, check the hostvars associated with the host in the previous step.
sudo su <ocp-admin-user>
  1. Run the cluster backup script:
  1. This will save an etcd snapshot in the ~/ocp_backups location.

  2. These snapshots are taken nightly at 02:00 UTC and rsynced to a backup storage device.