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CentOS Infra and Releng documentation


This site is dedicated to CentOS Infrastructure documentation and is considered Work in progress The goal is to consolidate various documentation[s] we have either through ansible inventories, some other git private repositories and/or elsewhere.

This CentOS Infra and Releng Documentation site contains some explanations and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure) but isn't a substitute for upsream documentation from all applications/components used in the CentOS Infra. So consider this a central place that will contain :

  • pointers to upstream documentation (if existing)
  • specific notes/details about how it's implemented in infra
  • link[s] to Ansible Role[s] (which is/are really the source of truth on how app/infra is deployed and maintained)

Also worth knowing that it will not contain any sensitive information, obviously only shared through crypted media between trusted CentOS infra team members (but it might contain though link to other online documentation or git repositories themselves needed some authentication/ACL in place at that level, so "out of scope" for this documentation)

Infra overview

The CentOS infra is built on top of both :

  • Red Hat sponsored and hosted infrastructure (running critical services to build and deliver CentOS Linux / CentOS Stream / Special Interest Group[s] (SIG) content/artifacts
  • Community sponsored infra with machines all around the world (mostly dedicated bare-metal machines)

Feel free to browse all top-level sections to have a look at all services used/deployed within the CentOS infra. Each section should contain (as noted above) :

  • pointers to upstream documentation (Read It First !)
  • pointers to Ansible role covering it
  • some URLs for the application (if any and/or public)
  • level of access needed to configure/update/deploy it
  • how the application/infra/service is monitored
  • some SOPs for daily/common operations/tasks

Worth also knowing that this site is automatically rendered from a git repository (including also a way to render it locally to browse it through localhost) , so feel free to also submit Pull Request there if you find something that needs to be fixed/updated !


You can use the search feature/box on top level to search for some specific topics or keywords

Available Environments

While the same automation code should be used to configure all infra/services nodes within CentOS Infra, it's worth knowing that we still "divide" it into sub-sections, and so having different environments. Let's just have a quick look at the existing environments, each using its own dedicated Ansible inventory, and so various settings and/or permitted access :

  • CentOS main : if not defined, all the nodes considered as "production" nodes and managed as such
    • CentOS staging (STG) : pre-prod environment, with limited number of nodes, but mostly used to test changes/deployments before being rolled-out to the CentOS main one
    • CentOS dev (DEV) : really ephemeral setup pointing to very low spec machines (usually VMs) to test new stack/applications and write automation before being then deployed in CentOS staging
  • CentOS CI : everything that is configuring/deploying the infra behind domain (public or internal)
  • CentOS Stream MVBE : dedicated/isolated environment for CentOS Stream 9 buildsys and having its own inventory/rollout strategy
CentOS Infra team

See the dedicated section