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Authenticating with the OCP cluster via the command line oc utility

Authenticating via CLI

Members of the CentOS CI Infrastructure team have admin access for and Openshift clusters for their ACO accounts.

To login via the CLI using your main account authenticated via ACO simply:

  • Authenticate via accounts-centos-org option in
  • In the top right of the Openshift console, click the drop down menu for your user and click Copy Login Command
  • Copy the Log in with this token: oc login --token=xxxx --server=https://uri and paste into your terminal

To login via the CLI using the system:admin user simply:

  • ssh to the admin node which corresponds with ocp-ci-management or ocp-ci-management-stg inventory group
  • Change user to the ocp admin user on the admin node choose appropriate version: sudo su - ocpadm or for staging sudo su - ocpadmstg
  • export /home/<ocpadmuser>/.kube/config
  • You should now have system:admin access to the cluster.