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CentOS Bugs tracker

CentOS Bugs tracker

The CentOS project is using different trackers, based on which team needs to be in charge of the issue to solve. While we (CentOS Infra) are ourselves using the one (hosted and maintained by Fedora), there is only one that we are hosting :

Hosted in CentOS infra. That's the first and legacy tracker that was deployed initially in the CentOS Project, to track all issues, software or infra related.

The software stack is using :

  • Mantis BT
  • PHP (using SCL newer/higher php version to satisfy dependencies)
  • MySQL

The ansible-role-mantisbt is used to deploy dependencies and include all needed roles but itself was never really configured to deploy the application itself (can be easily fixed though) but backup is taking care of application (php files) backup and so can be moved easily if needed (applying the role, restoring backup at proper location)


Worth knowing that because starting from Stream, all bugs will be reported to Bugzilla (see below) and that all infra tickets are also migrated to, is called "legacy" and will probably be decommissioned soon

Hosted by Fedora and used for infra tracker. Url is


Hosted by Red Hat and used for everything related to CentOS Stream