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Outage Preparation

CentOS CI Infra Outage Preparation

During a scheduled outage where it is likely we will lose network access entirely to the entire rack, or between racks, it is advisable to shutdown the following services:

  • Duffy
  • CentOS CI Openshift prod/stg
  • Legacy CI Jenkins
  • Legacy OKD
  • keepalived on
Legacy OKD
  1. bstinson, as the only person on the team which has access to the legacy OKD cluster, must handle tasks related to this cluster.

Admin nodes Prod: Stg:

  1. Take etcd backup to the admin node associated with prod/stg
  2. Cordon and drain all nodes
  3. gracefully shutdown
  1. switch off duffy - workers
    • source duffy2-venv/bin/activate; FLASK_APP=duffy DUFFY_SETTINGS=/etc/duffy.conf python scripts/
  2. switch off duffy server
    • FLASK_APP=duffy DUFFY_SETTINGS=/etc/duffy.conf flask run -h -p 8080
  3. legacy jenkins: manage jenkins, prepare for shutdown
    • ssh jenkins - systemctl restart jenkins
keepalived on Gateway nodes
  1. Shutdown keepalived on
  2. sudo systemctl stop keepalived