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cico-workspace container upgrade

cico-workspace container upgrade


We provide a template that is used to pre-deploy dedicated jenkins pod in our openshift setup. It's using jenkins container maintained by Red Hat (RH catalog) and also a specific jenkins-agent container (called cico-workspace) that is spun up for each job that should run in that jenkins environment (dedicated per project/tenant in CI ocp infra)

All that is also discussed in the "Onboard Tenants" section.

Updating cico-workspace image

The cico-workspace container image is available in dedicated repository. That's the repositry/registry that cluster is using to spin up cico-workspace containers on demand, always verifying if there is a new one and then pulling :


The container (re)build process happens either through :

  • git commit/push in upstream git repository
  • a manual build trigger in


A build should be kicked off as part of the Openshift Upgrade process to ensure that the very latest base images are used to build the cico-workspace-container on top of.

Some notes about what we provide in that cico-workspace image :

  • centos 7 updated container with jenkins agent (java)
  • ansible (from our own configmanagement SIG)
  • python-cicoclient rpm built through koji, and needed to interact easily with Duffy API when requesting a node to run tests on


Worth knowing that latest tag is automatically applied on builds that are done automatically from the master branch on github. That means that pushing to staging branch (or else) would automatically create images tagged based on branch name. That permits us to test images before merging into main branch. Example : podman pull would pull staging image